Hi, I'm Henry.

I'm a designer and musician.


I make everything from advertisements to comedy sketches to abstract art videos.

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My Day On The Moon music video

A music video for my single My Day On The Moon that makes use of shadows, blue light, and wind to create an ethereal atmosphere.

LVR Branded Collection ad

One of the many video ads I made for Las Vegas Rhinestones.

Toyota Paseo

Jalopnik called this parody ad a "magnificent advertisement" and later wrote "Never go into marketing—you'll be too good."

HDF ad (2014)

An older ad I made for this site, emphasizing the convenience of one person playing multiple design roles.


A trippy music video and experiment in fluid dynamics.

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graphic design

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Business Card

Super clean and uniquely colorful.

Six of Coins

A social media banner for a friend's old YouTube page.

Archipelago logo

It looks like an actual archipelago, and also like a thought bubble. Get it?

The Ink logo

CMYK-themed logo for the LSC graphic design club.

Cafe Poster

An abrupt divide in the design recalls the abrupt and unexpected location of the cafe.

Wine List Table Tent

An InDesign project from a Page Layout class.

More examples coming soon!

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web design

I want the internet to be beautiful, fast, responsive, and easy to use.

Las Vegas Rhinestones

My first real-world web design job.


The family you never knew you needed.


A wild website for a wild band.

"Beautiful Facebook"

A design mockup for a sleeker, less cluttered Facebook.


Landing page for my new album.

Floyd Automotive Design

An exercise in skeuomorphism. Papers and sticky notes with my actual handwriting slide around on a wooden desk.


A test of the new CSS3 grid code.


Does what it says on the tin.

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I play every instrument on all of my albums, including piano, organ, acoustic and electric guitars, fretless bass, sitar, and synthesizers. I write a wide range of genres and my inspirations range from classical symphonies to alt rock to progressive rock to new age. I write, perform, edit, and publish several albums a year on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Rdio, and more.


A lush, ethereal, introspective piece somewhere between progressive and classical, featuring sitar and bamboo flutes.

Christmas Album 2016

Ten classic Christmas songs arranged in a variety of genres.

My Day On The Moon

A highly abstract 49-minute trip to the moon's surface. And when I say trip, I mean trip.

Arctic Chameleon

My longest and most eclectic album yet, with everything from grand piano solos to instrumental rock to electronic beats to its namesake 21-minute symphonic composition.

Temple in the Woods

A long, meditative instrumental landscape of dream-like piano, guitar, sitar, organ, and psychedelic rock.

The Ocean in Her Eyes

A seamless six-part instrumental rock album with classical piano motifs, dedicated to my girlfriend of three years.

The Longest Night

An introspective, gentle prog-rock-like 24-minute instrumental depicting the course of a night as it transforms from a melancholy evening to strange dreams and nightmares, and finally to a sunny morning.

Life and Death

A short solo piano EP that follows a life through six stages. This album was my high school senior project.

Lost in Space

A ten-minute symphonic piece about an astronaut who becomes lost in space and is unable to return home.

San Diego

An older ten-minute instrumental song in three movements, inspired by my time in California.

about me

Hi, I'm Henry.

I'm a visual designer and musician.

I help people share their ideas with the world by wrapping them in great-looking visual packages—websites, videos, logos, posters, and more. I create clean, modern designs and I insist on creating every piece of the puzzle myself. You don't half-ass what you do, so don't let someone else half-ass its design.

In my spare time I write music, sketch cars, run a bunch of websites, and meditate in the woods. I even dabble in photography and writing.

"Wow, this guy's got everything! What's next?" Check out my resumé and send me an email, that's what.

My favorite... albums books cars movies

Tubular BellsMike Oldfield
OmmadawnMike Oldfield
AmarokMike Oldfield
Mathematician's Air Display
Pekka Pohjola
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie
RevolverThe Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles
Abbey RoadThe Beatles
Pet SoundsThe Beach Boys
The Smile SessionsThe Beach Boys
Close to the EdgeYes
The Dark Side of the MoonPink Floyd
The WaitZox
Future BreedsHot Hot Heat
In RainbowsRadiohead
Yankee Hotel FoxtrotWilco
InnerspeakerTame Impala
A Different Kind of FixBombay Bicycle Club
Weezer (The Red Album)Weezer
Fantasy Black ChannelLate Of The Pier
An Awesome WaveAlt-J
Dream CaveCloud Control
House of LeavesMark Z. Danielewski
The Tao of PoohBenjamin Hoff
FlatlandEdwin A. Abbott
IllusionsRichard Bach
Breakfast of ChampionsKurt Vonnegut
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carroll
Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyDouglas Adams
1984George Orwell
Where the Sidewalk EndsShel Silverstein
1935Mercedes-Benz 150H Roadster
1938Phantom Corsair
1957Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing
1963Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
1967Porsche 911 R
1971Lamborghini Miura SV
1996Porsche 911 GT2
2001TVR Tuscan
2002Spyker C8 Spyder
2003Ferrari Enzo
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
The Magic Christian (1969)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Harold and Maude (1971)
The Shining (1980)
Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Christmas on Mars (2003)
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)
Shuffle (2011)
Birdman (2014)
Love and Mercy (2014)

Questions? Comments? Irrelevant musings? Directionless conversation? Contact me at henrydavidfloyd@gmail.com.