Henry David Floyd

I'm a musician and a web deisgner.


I play every instrument on all of my albums, including piano, organ, acoustic and electric guitars, fretless bass, sitar, bamboo flute, and synthesizers.


Cosmic Pineapple

A collection of short, fun experimental songs.

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My magnum opus. A lush, ethereal, emotional blend of classical piano and progressive rock, featuring a massive array of instruments including sitar and bamboo flute.

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Merry Christmas 2016

Ten classic Christmas songs arranged in a variety of genres.

My Day On The Moon

A hypnotic, abstract, 49-minute trip to the moon's surface. And when I say trip, I mean trip.

Arctic Chameleon

My longest and most eclectic album, with everything from grand piano solos to rock to electronic beats to its namesake 21-minute symphonic composition.

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Temple in the Woods

A meditative, Eastern-tinged instrumental landscape of dream-like piano, guitar, sitar, organ, and psychedelic rock.

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The Ocean in Her Eyes

A seamless six-part instrumental rock suite with classical piano motifs, dedicated to my fiancée.

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The Longest Night

A complex, gentle, prog-rock-influenced 24-minute instrumental depicting the course of a night as it transforms from a melancholy evening to strange dreams and nightmares, and finally to a sunny morning.

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Life and Death

A short solo piano EP that follows a man's life through six stages. This album was my high school senior project.

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Lost in Space

A ten-minute symphonic single about an astronaut who becomes lost in space and is unable to return home.

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I also design websites and graphics.


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