Floyd Automotive Design, Ltd.


2005 Floyd F7

The F7 was the first design branded with the Floyd name, and a significant departure from designs with the older "Slix" branding. The nose was finally an aerodynamic, rounded shape with headlights that flowed with the design, as opposed to earlier cars which had squared-off noses with headlights simply placed onto the top or front. Its most distinctive feature, the huge air intakes on the rear fenders, are especially enormous in its first design, a shape clearly inspired by the Ferrari Enzo. Several dragster-inspired design features remain in this first design, which reveal the drag-racing origins of these earlier designs—the rear wheels with thick slicks, significantly smaller and thinner front wheels, and skirts over the wheel openings. The engine was to be an outrageous supercharged W20, inspired by the W16 of the recently-unveiled Veyron.

2007 Floyd F7

By 2007 the design had been significantly modernized, with the side intakes losing their Enzo shape and becoming upright and rectangular, the front and rear wheels closer to the same size, side-mounted exhaust moving to the rear, a much smaller roof scoop, more angular front headlights and a wider front grille, and the engine shrinking from a W20 to a more reasonable V16. Small details were changed for 2009, and the car renamed F9.

2010 Floyd F9

By 2010, wheel size and overall proportions were finally realistic, and a detailed new front end was created, featuring flared "lips" inspired by the then-new Audi RS5. The roof scoop and wing were eliminated completely, and a completely new rear end was designed (it changed almost every single year.)

2013 Floyd Fucker

Having laid dormant for 3 years, the design of the F9 was finally reborn during a brainstorming session with roommates at Lyndon State College, where designs for an offroad-capable supercar were drawn up. Clearly an F9 underneath, the car was newly designed around a twin-turbo flat-eight engine. Renamed the "Fucker," it slotted in the middle of a 3-car lineup which included the Lil' Fucker (a smaller, six-cylinder version) and the Motherfucker (a huge, armored, flat-12-powered monster). All models included a new lower front fascia inspired by the Subaru WRX 22B, the original inspiration for the rally-car modifications.

2014 Floyd F9

With the Fucker series discarded, the F9 returned to its original form and name, but for the first time some cutting-edge design elements were introduced—most importantly, the new front end with detached front fenders and no grille. The original idea was to be able to remove the outboard fender section with lights and bumpers intact (the green part) to reveal a lightweight track car underneath (the black part).

2015 Floyd F9

The final evolution of the F9, ten and a half years after its genesis, modernized the form even more, and to celebrate its tenth anniversary, brought back the huge rear wing (at this point largely unnecessary due to modern under-body diffusers.)