The Shadows of Bright Mill cover

The Shadows of Bright Mill

Henry David Floyd

Work In Progress - Coming 2024

The Shadows of Bright Mill is the first book I conceived and wrote entirely as an adult. Based on real events from the history of the renovated mill apartments in which I lived for a year, this story blends history, drama, horror, and even a little sci-fi as events from the past begin unexpectedly leaking into one young woman's present-day life.


Ava just lost her fiancé, her job, her friends, and her apartment, and everyone—even her father—thinks it's her fault. Now, apart from her increasingly desperate job search, researching the history of the old mill apartment she just moved into is the only thing keeping her occupied. But casual research eventually turns into panicked investigation after glimpses of the mill's troubled past start leaking into the present. What seemed like illusions quickly become all too real as the fabric of time begins breaking down around her. Why is this happening? Can she confide in the one new friend she's made here? And will all this distract her from confronting the shadows emerging from her own troubled past?

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