G Corridor cover

G Corridor

Henry David Floyd

54,000 words / 189 pages

Published 2022

G Corridor is a young adult psychological thriller that began as a 30-page short story I wrote in high school. On and off over the course of the next decade, I gradually revisited and expanded the story until it became a full-length novel that I decided to finally self-publish in 2022.


No matter how hard she tries to fit in, nobody wants to get to know the lonely white-haired oddball Celia Cave. Her long high school days are plagued by migraine-induced hallucinations, and hurtful rumors are still swirling about the mysterious deaths of her eccentric parents. Just as she feels doomed to follow in their footsteps, everything changes when she learns about the secret corridor that’s been sealed up beneath her high school for 80 years.

At first, G Corridor is an exhilarating new place to start building a new life. Celia finally finds a family in the tight-knit group of students that act as the corridor’s caretakers, and she even begins spending her nights there to escape her uncomfortable home life. But it doesn’t take long for this dream-come-true to become a nightmare.

Nobody will entertain Celia’s accounts of the bizarre visions, disappearing messages, and cryptic references to her father she begins finding in its ever-changing rooms, and suddenly she has to fight just to be seen as sane all over again. When two of the crew go missing, and Celia’s visions start to follow an unnerving pattern, she is convinced the corridor is hiding a sinister secret. When she finally discovers the truth behind G Corridor’s existence, it’s more bizarre and terrifying than she could ever have imagined—and it’s all tied up in a dark secret from her father’s past.